Curaçao: Den Paradera Botanic Garden { 44 images } Created 22 Jun 2010

In 1981 Dinah Veeris started her research for healing herbs and traditions by interviewing the older people to recover and preserve the secret knowledge of the former generations. She studied at the California school for Herbal Studies. In 1991 she started the garden plant by plant. She wrote a book about the herbs and their use and received several awards for her input in preserving the culture and the healing herbs. She also got a decoration form the Dutch Royal Family.

Den Paradera refers to Paraguiri Indians who long ago had the biggest herb garden at the east side of the island.When the Spaniards came, they brought their slaves to the Paraguiri Indians to be cured and called the location " En Paradera". Later the local people changed the name into "Den Paradera" which means "the place where you feel at home."
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